“If you had the chance to be famous, how fast would you consider it?”
“Five seconds maximum. Don’t get me wrong, being famous is everyone’s dream. I won’t even lie. If was once a dream of mine. But with fame, does happiness tag along? Happiness is like those fake tattoos you get at a shop. You have to keep applying it and buying it once it washes off. How do you remember who you are in fame? You become somebody new. A stranger in your own body. I would choose to be poor than famous. Simply because, unity exists in the the world of poor. Isolation exists in the land of the rich. Id rather be rich in heart, and poor in wealth. When no one is by your side, how do you be happy? Fame looks great on tv but can you tell whether that person is fake smiling or not? Money can’t buy happiness in fame. Money buys drugs. Money buys death. Darling, I’m too young to leave this, already half empty world. “


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